Civil Litigation

civil-litigation-attorney-richmond-va-andrew-meyer-lawWhen you are involved in a dispute over a contract, you are the victim of a tort, or suffered an injury due to the actions of another, you need to have an attorney you can turn to who can answer your questions and explain your options. I have the skills necessary to help you with a whole range of civil issues including contract, tort claims, personal injury and employment disputes. When I cannot resolve those issues amicably, I am not afraid to litigate these matters in court. Keep in mind, civil suits are not the same as criminal suits, but you still need an experienced attorney who is aware of how the law impacts your specific situation.

Understanding Expungements in Virginia

When you are arrested, your name automatically enters the “criminal justice system” in Virginia. If you are later acquitted of a crime or the charges against you were dropped, your name is still in the system and as a matter of public record, anyone who requests a criminal background check will know you have been arrested. This can have a deleterious effect on your ability to secure loans, housing and even a job. In Virginia, expungements are only available if a person was found not guilty or the charge was otherwise dismissed. If a person obtained a dismissal pursuant to a first offender status, an expungement will not be available. Also, it is important to note an expungement is limited to court and law enforcement records but not records obtained by private companies.

FOIA Enforcement

Under Virginia’s open records law, you have certain rights to obtain material from government agencies including housing boards, taxing authorities and law enforcement offices. These rules apply to Virginia residents and media outlets who publish in Virginia. Unfortunately, too often requests for information are ignored or the entity sets an outrageously high fee to provide that information. I can help hold these agencies and departments accountable for their failure to provide you with information you are entitled to.

Tort Litigation

I have helped clients with a whole range of civil litigation issues. If you feel you may have the basis for a civil case, contact me at (804) 358-2909 or email me immediately.