Constitutional Law

constitutional-law-attorney-richmond-va-andrew-meyer-lawSince we live in a less than perfect world, unfortunately from time to time our rights get trampled upon. The U.S. Constitution and subsequent amendments have given us certain rights including the right to vote, to carry a firearm and to be free from unlawful detention.

  • Civil Rights – if you have faced discrimination when applying for a job, a loan or for housing you have the right to seek legal remedies. You cannot be discriminated against due to your age, your gender or your race. Unfortunately, for as much as we hope that everyone is treated the same, I know this is not always true. If you believe you have been discriminated against, contact me and let me review your case.
  • First Amendment – one of the most important rights given us in the Constitution is the right to free speech. We also have the right to exercise our right to free speech through peaceful assembly and protest. If you have been involved in a situation where your rights to speak out have been violated, I can help hold the responsible parties accountable.
  • 1983 Claims – when you feel you have had any of your rights compromised, you may have the right to hold that person liable by filing a civil suit against them. Your constitutional rights are guaranteed to you, regardless of where you live in the United States. I will fight hard to prove your case and ensure the responsible parties are held accountable.

If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact me at (804) 358-2909 or email me immediately.