Employment Law

employment-lawattorney-richmond-va-andrew-meyer-lawI am at ease defending against or prosecuting a non-compete or a Virginia Trade Secrets action. I also understand employment contracts must be drafted in compliance with Virginia law. I can help you with some of the following:

  • Employment Contracts – I can help you draft the right employment contract based on the individual job title and employee access to your trade secrets. I will help you define the reasons for potential termination, what occurs in the event the employee leaves and more. I can also review your employment contract or defend you in an employment contract action to ensure your rights are protected under the agreement.
  • Non-compete Agreements – employers are allowed to place certain restrictions on a former employee as to what they may pursue after their employment. To be considered enforceable under Virginia law, a non-compete agreement may restrict a former employer’s ability to work for a competitor for a certain period of time provided they are designed to protect a legitimate business interest, do not hinder the employee’s ability to secure employment and do not violate public policy. I can help you draft these agreements so they comply with Virginia law. I also defend those who are being oppressed under unenforceable non-compete agreements.
  • Virginia Trade Secrets Act – your business depends on your client lists, your internal processes and procedures, as well as your patented and un-patented intellectual property. I can help defend your business from anyone who uses this information to gain an advantage through enforcement of the Virginia Trade Secrets Act from filing a suit through litigation if necessary. I also defend those accused of violating the Virginia Trade Secrets Act.

Regardless of the size of your business, the last thing you want to be concerned with is having unexpected competition from a former employee or finding out another company has hired a former employee to help them poach clients or steal trade secrets. I can help by ensuring that all employment contracts have strong non-compete agreements and I can help hold anyone found breaking these agreements liable. Whether you need to have agreements drafted or enforced, or whether you are in an dispute with your employer relating to those agreements, you can count on me to defend your rights. Call today at (804) 358-2909 or email me for assistance.