Family Law


Going through the process of divorce is difficult both on an emotional level and often on a financial level. Issues you never believed you would have to deal with suddenly need to be handled immediately – including child and spousal support and child custody. I understand that your first goal is always the best interest of your child or your children and I can help make sure the interest of the child is always put first. Some of the issues I can help you resolve include:

  • Child Support – the Virginia code provides a specific mathematical formula which the courts will use if you and your spouse cannot agree on a child support arrangement. The guidelines take a number of issues into consideration, including the income of the parents, any prior child support obligations, expenses necessary for day care and appropriate health care costs for the child or children. While most judges will use these guidelines, a judge has discretion to deviate from these guidelines to address extraordinary circumstances.
  • Custody Disputes – when parents cannot agree on custody for their child or children, the judge will often be required to make a determination as to which parent will have physical custody. A judge will take a number of factors into consideration, including where the child is living now, who the primary caregiver is at this time as well as the willingness of the parent to be a supportive co-parent. There are other issues which may factor in as well including the preference of the child (depending on their age) and whether there has been any history of abuse.

Virginia Divorce Proceedings

Every divorce proceeding is different and depending on your unique situation, your divorce may be contested or uncontested. I can help with both types of divorce as well as with the more complex military divorces. I understand there are a number of issues to be resolved including property division and depending on the length of the marriage, spousal support issues.

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